About Us

FRIENDS OF THE OGLALA LAKOTA is an all-volunteer organization.
Volunteers pay for their own travel expenses when work for the organization requires travel.
100% of your donation goes towards our projects.

Our primary projects are:

• sending books to Oglala children, K-12

• $2,500 annually for scholarships to
  Lakota college students

• raising awareness about current
  issues in Indian Country

FRIENDS was founded in 1993 by Nancy Cayford of Dublin, NH. Nancy is
non-Indian and considers herself a cultural broker. Cultural brokers bridge
the gap between one culture and another; in this organization it is between
American Indians and non-Indians.

Our 501(c)3 non-profit organization is supported financially by the public.
Federal I.D. #02-0485910

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The colors of the Lakota medicine wheel (sacred hoop) represent the four directions, North (white), West (black), East (red), South (yellow).
It has also come to represent humankind and our diversity of color. We have included hands with the wheel to help us remember:

We Are All Related - Mitakuye Oyasin.

The photographs on this site have been taken by N.G. Cayford over the past 19 years while visiting the Pine Ridge Reservation.

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