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“Hau Kola  - Hello Friend”

This long-sleeve fun, and educational, Tee is silk-screened in the Lakota creation colors, green (Maka-earth), blue (Skan-sky), yellow (Inyan-rock), red (Wi-sun).

The Lakota phrase "Hau Kola" is bordered by a ribbon-like design.

100% cotton Lee’s, machine washable.

Long sleeve only

color; natural, sizes, M, Lg, XLg

color; white, sizes M, Lg



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We Are All Related

100% cotton T-shirt. The silk-screened Lakota phrase, “Mitakuye Oyasin” means “All My Relations,” or “We Are All Related.”

Not only are we related to each other as humans, but we are also related to the rocks, the trees, and all that walks, flies, and swims. This lesson helps teach respect for our home, Mother Earth.

Offered in Men’s, Ladies and Youth

Colors; Men and Ladies - Dark Chocolate Brown or Navy with Coral design

Youth - Bright Pink with Navy and Dark Brown with Coral design

Sizes; Men, Lg, XLg

Ladies; Sm, Med, Lg

Youth; Sm 8-10, Med 10-12






Youth Color/Size
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Ann Clark books, written in both English and Lakota, come with CD recordings as the books are written, in both languages.

  • Sioux Cowboy
  • Grass Mountain Mouse
  • Pine Ridge Porcupine
  • There Still are Buffalo
  • Slim Butte Raccoon
  • Hen of Wahpeton

Book with CD - $31.00, except

There Still are Buffalo has two CDs for $41.00.

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This little booklet contains traditional Lakota recipes and information on native plants. The recipes were collected by Spuka Sni Win, a woman who was born and raised on Pine Ridge. 

Paperback, 12 pages.


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Another collection by Spuka Sni Win. "Jokes Heard Around The Rez" gives a clue into the humor of American Indians. They love to laugh and poke fun at themselves and others.

Paperback, 24 pages.


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