Past Projects

Besides our scholarship and books programs, we have been involved in several other works.

• For six years we sponsored an Annual Native American Film Festival in New Hampshire, screening both documentaries and feature films.
The goal of the festival was to educate and raise awareness while celebrating and enjoying great films.

• In 1994 we funded the establishment of a bicycle repair shop in Porcupine, SD. We provided training on how to repair bikes, and how to run the shop.

• In 1998 we built The Lakota Fund's web site, and put their Spirit Horse Gallery's crafts on that site.

• We have given small grants to artists and entrepreneurs.

• We talk to public schools in the New Hampshire area to raise awareness about what is going on in Indian Country.

• We provided a girl from Porcupine with a New Hampshire camp experience.

• We provide emergency aid for medical travel, propane fuel and electricity.

• We have provided children with special dental work. Particular dental work is not covered under Indian Health Service.

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